Backlinks: How to use Scrapebox For comment Posting and get quality back links

Here Today we are talking about How to get unlimited backlinks with use of Scrapebox. First of All, we have to know about the ScrapeBox.This is the tool which has some easy feature for anyone can build strong or quality backlink from here using this you want to apply with my own way to keep me following to read this blog.

How to download ScrapeBox

Scrapbox is a tool for users to create a quality backlink. You need to download first after your download you need to how to install and how it works here you can find everything stays connected with me. now you need to file run. Exe file of the software keep it in your mind you need to always run .exe  file of scrap box. There are many sites on google where you can download free of cost scrap box software.

There are a lot of things we can do on this like we can put the keyword on the top left and can find WordPress blog list with high page rank. And for the good practice, we should save all sites URL  first and save them in .text file. When we download the links we should again put on the top write of scrap box here you can look many other functions.

Here you can check Alexa Rank of the URL list and if you worry about what is Alexa? rank don’t worry I will also cover this topic later. but it is important to know about Alexa rank and page rank. You can also use the filter for websites there .you can also remove the duplicate URLs in which list you already put there on the top write of scrapebox.

If you start your work with duplicates URLs. The search engine will consider it to spam and can be penalized you are maybe you lost your organic search rank in any search engine. So please avoid these things. Here above  which features all about I am talking you can find on the top right of the scrap box

How to Post Comment

First, you need to make g mail accounts. this is your choice, that how many accounts you want to work with them. After all of these email accounts write into notepad and save them with the name of e-mail.

After this, you write some name on the notepad and save them. And the next step is websites where you want to post comments.and keep it in your mind the websites where you want to post the comment it should be auto-approved websites and have no captcha. If you are worried about auto approved websites .you just put these words in the search bar of search engine .you can find a lot where .this easy don’t panic.

After this you need to write more than 5 comments on the notepad file and save them with the name of comments.anad the last step for comment posting is to write blogs domain on the notepad file and save them with the name of “websites”.When you follow all these steps open your scrapebox and look on the bottom right you can see the names, e-mails, websites, comments, and blog can put all these there you already saved and click on start posting. It will start working I will also put the link here but later.

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